Children's Furniture

Here are some of our most popular items.  We have a selection of Montessori style, Pikler style, and custom designs.  If you do not find what you are looking for or need something customized, please inquire.  We are always eager to try to expand our catalogue and reach different markets.

ORDERING: Please email or Facebook message us.  More information click here.

Rainbow Rocker

The classic and much loved rainbow rocker. A new addition to our collection, so please excuse our lack of pictures. We will have photos of a rainbow painted one shortly.

Made of 3/4” Baltic birch plywood, including the slats. It comes in 2 sizes, 15” wide or 18” wide. Approximately 47” long.

The paint used is a non-toxic acrylic by Fusion Mineral Paints.

18” wide, sanded no finish: $210

Rainbow painted: add 25$

Taxes are extra.

Arch Climber

A smaller climber to our Pikler style triangle. It is as wide, but shorter. It is great for smaller spaces or for little ones learning to pull up and start climbing. We have discovered from some feed back, that the older ones still love it too! Compatible with our standard ramp.

Made in 3/4” Baltic birch with 1.25” diameter, solid maple dowels. Approximately 32” wide by 30” deep by 24” tall.

Available to have the rungs painted in a rainbow theme. The paint used is a non-toxic acrylic by Fusion Mineral Paints.

Sanded no finish: $ 180

Linseed oil and Pine resin varnish: add 45$

Rainbow painted: add 25$

Reversible ramp/climber: 85$

Taxes are extra.

Multi-Fold Triangle

An interesting and ever changing climber for your little ones! Easy to fold into a new shape. This will keep your little ones entertained for hours. What ever their imaginations come up with, this triangle can become it. Boredom is unlikely as it can be a new discovery every day. From triangle climber, to house, to smaller triangles for very young ones, this will grow with your children.

Made of Baltic birch plywood and solid maple dowels. The knobs are large to allow for easy, no tool modifications. Also compatible with our standard ramp.

Available to have the rungs painted in a rainbow theme. The paint used is a non-toxic acrylic by Fusion Mineral Paints.

Sanded no finish: 270$

Linseed oil and Pine resin varnish: add 55$

Rainbow painted: add $25

Reversible ramp/climber: 85$ add 40$ for linseed oil finish

Taxes are extra

Pikler Style Triangle and Ramp

The frame is constructed with furniture grade pine.  The rungs are 1.25" birch capable of holding your average 10 year old.  Unit is foldable for easy storage when not in use. 

The ramp is reversible from climber to slide.  Made with Baltic birch plywood and pine.  Available as sanded no finish, or with a linseed oil and pine varnish (low VOC, organic, food grade).

If the rock climbing ramp is chosen( see more photos), it is painted with non-toxic acrylic paint on the grips, and then a water based polyurethane clear coat.

The triangle is approximately 31" wide x 31" deep x 31" high. The ramp is 19" x 60".

Triangle no finish: $205

Ramp no finish: $90

$45 oil finish to triangle, $80 for both

Rainbow rock climbing ramp: $120

Taxes are extra.

Learning Tower / Kitchen Helper

Built completely out of Baltic birch plywood.  Units fold flat for easy storage when not in use.  The platform can be placed on any of the ladder rungs to adjust the height.  The extra feet at the bottom are to aid in preventing tipping.  A little on the heavy side, most kids can push it around if felt pads are added.  Available as either sanded no finish or in a selection of Fusion Mineral Paints

When open, the unit is approximately 19" x 19" x 41".  Closed 19" x 41" x 3".

Tower no finish: $170

Painted: $65

Taxes are extra.

Montessori Style Wobble Board

Made completely out of Baltic birch plywood.  A linseed oil and pine resin varnish is standard.  It can for sure support up to around 200 LBS.  

Approximately 14" x 36" x 7"

Board with Finish: $110

Taxes are extra.

ORDERING: Please email or Facebook message us.  More information click here.


Cube chairs

These are a cute little addition to any play area.  They can be used as a chair or flipped into a table.  The seat is off centre in height, so it can be low for younger children, then flipped over to a higher seat.  All Baltic birch plywood.

Dimensions are 11.5" wide x 10" high x 10" deep

Sold individually or pairs

Sanded, no finish: 55$ each, $100 pair

With linseed oil and pine varnish: $10 extra per chair

Taxes are extra.


Waldorf Style Play Stand

After many years, we are excited to add this to our collection. It took some time to figure out how we could produce this at a reasonable price. A play area that can be a new space as your child sees fit. As well it can provide that much needed storage we all seek. We are working on better photos, hopefully with a better cloth covering. We are also working on accessories to help enhance its play experience. So please stay tuned as we add to this item.

Made completely in 3/4” Baltic birch plywood. Can be purchased as a single unit or a pair. 38” wide by 76” long if a pair, or 38” long if single by 51” high. There is a small clip to hold both sides to each other, and the arched top slips off.

Sanded, no finish, Pair: 300$

Sanded, no finish, Single: 180$

Linseed oil and pine resin varnish: add $75

Taxes are extra.


Boat Rocker

Our most popular rocker and absolute classic.  Depending on your children's size, can fit 2-4.  Also can be flipped over and used as a stepping bridge.  Our QA department almost seems to prefer it in bridge mode.  The above picture is with a happy customer approving of the rocking. The sides and slats are Baltic birch plywood, with solid birch dowels.

Please inquire for flat pack version pricing if shipping is required.

Dimensions: 21.5" wide x 14" high x 29" long

Sanded, no finish: $190

With linseed oil and pine varnish: $240

Taxes are extra.

ORDERING: Please email or Facebook message us.  More information click here.


Montessori Style House Bed

Low to the ground, it can be customized to your size requirements.  If a larger mattress or railing is required, please ask for pricing.  We tend to sell more of these in Montreal then anywhere else, so do not be afraid if your outside of Ottawa, we will get it to you and set it up.  Our standard, but by no means set in stone design is for a adult twin mattress.  The rail height is 18" high, and the opening is about 33" wide.  The opening tends to be on the right side, but please ask if you want it on the left or at the foot.  We use to offer a discounted version in construction grade spruce, but that was proving to be a hassle to sand and make presentable.  We now only use pine as our standard.  Other woods can be priced.

Dimensions (for a adult twin): 41.5" wide x 76" long x approximately 55" tall

Sanded no finish: $375

With linseed oil and pine varnish: $125

Delivery and setup fee: $50

Custom finishes available.  Please inquire.

Taxes are extra.


Custom Beds

We do not have a large gallery at the moment, but we will build you anything, as long as it is safe.  We enjoy designing to need and desire.  If you see something online (Pintrest!) do not feel embaressed to forward to us.  We will do our best to copy it and suit it to your budget.


Stuffed Animal Zoo

This one can be a sanity saver.  Easy to put all of your stuffed animal "friends" inside.  Can be customized in size.  The sides are white bungee chord.

Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 48"

Sanded, no finish: $85

Inquire for custom finishes

Taxes are extra.

ORDERING: Please email or Facebook message us.  More information click here.